SIMOVE is an innovative system for helping in the driving of railway vehicles, which avoids accidents caused by excess speed and is a powerful tool for monitoring operation.

Functions of the System


of the vehicle in real time

SIMOVE continuously supervises the position of the vehicle and its speed in real time obtaining data as many as ten times per second.

SIMOVE supervisa, de forma continua y a tiempo real, la posición del vehículo y su velocidad, obteniendo datos con una frecuencia de hasta 10 veces por segundo.


Control of excess speed

Location of the vehicle via the odometer and the GPS.

Comparison of the speed of the vehicle with the speed limit for the section in question.

Sound and visual communication to the driver and recording of the sound in the driver's cabin if the speed limit is exceeded.

Automatic activation of the emergency brake if the risk threshold is exceeded.

Localización del vehículo a través del odómetro y el GPS.

Comparación de la velocidad del vehículo con el límite del tramo por donde circula.

Comunicación acústica y visual al conductor y grabación del sonido ambiental de la cabina, si el límite de velocidad es superado.

Activación automática de freno de emergencia si sobrepasa el umbral de riesgo.

Back-office and reports

Recording and storage of data

All the recordings produced during the driving are stored in real time in a centralised data base.

The system generates indicators and reports on the basis of these recordings, which allow the operator to continuously analyse driving on each section. This tool is very useful for evaluating the quality of the service, as well as for solving possible problems.

Todos los registros que se producen durante la conducción se almacenan a tiempo real en una base de datos centralizada.

El sistema genera indicadores e informes en base a estos registros, que permiten al operador analizar de forma continua la conducción en cada tramo. Esta herramienta resulta de gran utilidad para la evaluación de la calidad del servicio así como para la resolución de posibles problemas.

Help in maintenance

It gives information on the state of the vehicle

SIMOVE is capable of carrying out continuous monitoring of the elements of the vehicle, thus facilitating the work of preventive maintenance of the railway operator.

Benefits for the operator

Significant increase in safety

SIMOVE minimises the risk of accidents caused by excess speed and improves the capacity to supervise driving, thus significantly increasing the safety of the system.

Limited investment in comparison with other devices

The cost of purchase, installation and maintenance of SIMOVE is less than that of alternative systems with similar functions.

Improves service quality

Continuous monitoring of the operation allows the operator to analyse and improve driving and the level of passenger comfort.  

Increase in operational efficiency

The system enables the operator to get to know the causes of incidents, thus simplifying the application of corrective measures with a direct impact on operational efficiency and service quality.

Makes management and solution of accidents and incidents easier

SIMOVE gives you all the data necessary for correct reproduction and subsequent analysis of events.  

Optimises driving supervision

SIMOVE supervises, continuously and in real time, the position of the vehicle and its speed allowing driving to be supervised in each section.

Comparison with the ATP System



Continuous points

Automatic braking

On board equipment

Compatible with other safety systems on the vehicle

Valid for different types of vehicles

Does not need infrastructure equipment

Direct implementation by the operator

Rapid and easy implementation

Continuous monitoring of the vehicle

Highly and quickly configurable



3rd Prize for Project of the Year. Smart Rail Awards (2018)

Highly Commended - Significant Safety Initiative. Global Light Rail Awards (2017)

Finalist 15th Talgo Prizes for Technological Innovation (2017)

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